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About Lady Lord West Inc.

Established in 1988

Lady Lord West Inc. focuses on premium high-quality wallets, accessories, and other SLGs. We are a family-owned wholesale-only business and have been in the Leather and PU industry for over 35 years. Over the years, we have established great relationships with many factories (mostly our own) in India and China that are able to manufacture according to our customer's demands. We are one of the World's largest suppliers/ importers of Leather and PU wallets, bags, purses, cosmetic bags, shaving kits, and other accessories. 

Our corporate offices, warehouses, and showrooms are located in Los Angeles, California.

Established in 1988, Lady Lord West Inc. has been providing and will always continue to provide wholesalers with quality Leather and PU products at the best prices. We have been in business since September 1988 and have vast experience in supplying National and Global Chain Stores, Mom and Pop Stores, and all wholesalers.

Our company was based on three founding principles: Honesty, Responsibility, and Respectfulness.  

We pride ourselves in the fact that our customer satisfaction rate is at 91%, and almost 96% of our customers are repeat ordering customers. Customer Service is of utmost importance and rest assured, that at Lady Lord West Inc, we will always be ready to help and answer any questions.

Meet The Team

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